About us

THERMOCAST is a foundry, leader in the production of castings intended for industrial use. Its production is mainly oriented to stainless steel castings for various industrial sectors, mainly for the metallurgical industry as well as the heat treatment and glass industries, cement and petrochemical plants, incinerators.
THERMOCAST products can be sold either unmachined or machined.
Assembly is performed through welding according to the required method: SMAW, TIG, MIG, MAG.
THERMOCAST performs an effective problem-solving activity, mainly oriented to the technical improvement of castings.

Our main products are furnace rolls, radiant tubes, sink and stabilizing rolls, heat treatment equipment.

We are proud of having among our customers both engineering industries and end users, well known worldwide and leaders in their sectors. We hold strong cooperation relationships with them, and this allows us a continuous information exchange, so to constantly improve our already high quality standards.

Our plant is located in Caravaggio (Bergamo), being the forefront for machinery and equipment (10 induction furnaces, 5 vertical spin dyers, 3 furanic resin moulding lines, 4 green sand moulding machines, shell moulding, a workshop equipped for all tuning operations, milling, grinding, drilling, welding, balancing and assembly of the products), always conforming to the current environmental norms.

The plant boasts a wide and well organized warehouse of patterns and shells for the production of centri-spun tubes of various dimensions.

Our know-how in the fields of metallurgy and technology, as well as the plant productive capacity, contribute to making THERMOCAST the most serious and reliable partner for your business.

THERMOCAST has been holding UNI EN ISO 9001 certification since 2001, issued by Moody’s International. Upon request we also provide certificates issued by external authorities, such as Lloyd’s Register, ISPESL, Büreau Veritas, SGS, TÜV, as well as customer’s auditing.

View and download the ethical code of Thermocast.